Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hey! Hey!

Yep. I know I'm always saying I'm going to do better. But life happens.

Here's a peek at what I've been working on....

The difference is in the details. :)

Another bag...

How about a few ornaments?

Let's see... How about another bag? Just a tote with a few details. :)

Yes. SewSowinLove has been very busy!

More later. xoxo

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday, everybody!! Did you get your nap? I did!! Woot! Nothing better than a Sunday afternoon nap! ;)

Woke up ready to work! Made a couple of scarves.

Then worked on mom shirts...whew...they are wearing me OUT! But I love it and am soooooo grateful! xoxo

Now I'm working on a new project that I'm super excited about! Taking these...

Cutting them up and throwing in a little funk...

Can't wait to show you what it's going to be!! Gonna have to hurry! Must be done by Thursday. Yikes!!

Guess what? Tomorrow's Monday! Who's excited?? I know, I'm crazy, but I LOVE Mondays!! Why?? I'm not sure, maybe the promise of a new week? Who knows... ;-)

Catch ya later! xoxo

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ok, ok....

So was chatting with a friend this evening, and she ever so gently reminded me of how well I keep up with my blog. Yeah, I'm talkin' about you, Christine. ;)

Every month I say, "I am going to do a solid never happens. Haha. Obviously.

Hey! I'm a busy girl. Do I still get to call myself "girl"? ;)

So here's what's going on. This week...

Had the pleasure of helping with the 2yos at Bible study. After two hours, I was thinking, "Somebody pass the Xanax." Who knew attending Bible study could lead to drug use? ;)

My DD, BonnieLove was born 14 years ago. Here she is the day she was born. Her AuntK taking care of her while her tired momma ate some lunch and rested just a bit. Yes. She was about an hour old here. Beautiful then, and you should see her now.

Wanna see? Here she is. Can't believe I gave birth to this lovely creation. What a blessing.

And she is just as beautiful on the inside. :)

Working on a new project. Very excited. Can't wait to share when it's completed!

Yep! Fatigues! Curious?? ;)

We hit a new high on the FB fan page! Had a contest and got a winner!!

Woot!! 202 fans!!!

Seems like I'm missing something... But it'll have to wait. I'm off to bed.

Night, All! xoxo

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Uberfest Block 12

So, here we are, October 12, and I have not been the the best blogger... but I've been here in spirit!
I'm super excited to share my little piece of Uberfest with you.  Calling my block Autumn Sun, as it is inspired by cool crisp autumn days, when the sun shines brightly(cause ya know, I'm a sunshine kinda girl).
Scott sent me these four fab pieces of fabric, from Nel Whatmore's Sleeping Beauty line, you can read all about it here. The rules said I could add in one fabric of my own(it's from my stash, no clue as to where it came from ;)  ) I chose a cheddar, or gold, if you will, so here they are:

Instructions were to include either half square triangles or log cabin.  Of course, I went to work trying to incorporate both.  My first attemp at rough sketching was horrible! fancy software here. ;0)
And one night on my way to bed it hit me. Thank goodness I keep notebooks everywhere!  This is what I came up with:

And colored it in with the kiddos crayons:

Really just a log cabing with the inside strips made up of half square triangles.  I could tell you how to do these but Miss.Print has done a wonderful job expaining it here.

After you make your squares, layout your block.

See? It's really just a simple log cabin. No rocket science here. Lol!  After you have all your strips made it's time to sew it all up!

Round one.

Round two, and all done. :)

Lights not so great in my sewing room(yeah, I know), so here's another taken downstairs.  Yes, Kandis if you're reading this, I know I need a "real" camera!  My phone STILL is not cutting it! :-/

The PDF is available for download here

You can find tomorrow's block by Erin Singleton of Two More Seconds  just by clicking her name, but you'll have to wait... ;-)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh, My Word!

Holy Moly!! It's been a while!  Not going to apologize but how about we play a little catch-up? ;-)  Real quick like, ya know. :-)

Since you've last heard from me, I've....

Sewn a forest of trees...

Done some of my best work yet, IMHO, on a friends pillow for her bed.  Yes, I did cut those birds and branches out, each one is a solid piece.  Yeah....kinda proud of that one.

Went and had a wonderful visit with the Divine Miss Em(and her sweet momma, too)!  Isn't she lovely?  Love her so!!

Have done a load of team wear!!!  Keep it comin', it's my bread and butter, no lie!

Opened a little Etsy shop...made one sale, and sewed these scarves...that have yet to be listed. :-/  But, hey, they were fun to make, and I can always give them as gifts! ;-)

*ahem* bought a little fabric...just a little...

Made a bonnet...for that Etsy sell. ;-)  What American girl, at sometime doesn't want to BE Laura?

My baby turned 7.

To celebrate, we took the monkeys to the zoo. Haha...yes, I know I'm funny. least give me credit for trying!

While the kiddos were admiring the animals, their mom was drooling over the flora... Found a fav..Confetti Lantana! Why do I NOT have this in my yard???

My friend Chrissey and I fell in love with a little girl named Grace...Repeating to myself..."J, you are too old to start over, besides, you just got your life back!" AND.....repeat

And finally, at midnight, this blog will post my Uberfest post!  I know, I've been horrible and I feel the guilt, but it's done!! I've designed an original(at least to me)block, learned how to do a PDF, upload it and link!  I thought I was signing up to do just a regular quilt-a-long...hahahah....nope...WAY out of my league for sure, but I love a challenge and learning new things! Here is my starting 4 1/2 inch square...

As you can see it's been a full 5 weeks, and, as always, no promises, but.... I will try to do better. ;-) xoxo

Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Ok, when I was thinking, "What's a cute title for a post on this Monday afternoon?", and those who know me well, know my thoughts are complete with a running soundtrack in my mind.... "Just Another Manic Monday" popped into my brain.  BUT then, I thought, really? Maybe I should look up the true definition, just to be sure... And, drum roll, please....definition 2. Frenetically busy; frantic: "the pace is manic as we near our deadline".  Yep! I'd say it fits. ;)

 Just as you think things are slowing down, they rev back up.  I'm thinking my new word is "Zoom".  Remember that PBS show from the '80's...."I"m gonna zooma, zooma, zoom. I'm gonna zooma, zooma, zooma, zoom".   I loved that show! Haha... Yes, I was raised in the country, we had 5, count them FIVE channels.  Lol
Here's what's hot in the workroom tonight and for the rest of the week! Yep, I'm a busy girl!  Busy and Blessed!!

These can be found at Creative Whit on Old Greenwood Road, next door to FCA, and that new day spa, can't remember their name at the moment, but I've heard they are trade friendly!!!! You KNOW what I am thinking!!!

Later! xoxo

Friday, August 26, 2011

Remember WonderWoman? I KNOW Her!! ;)


New look, huh? 

There's one woman to thank....Tiffany, from Another Pie In the Sky Designs!!! Some of you may know her as @anthrpienthesky from Twitter.  If you don't follow her should, 'cause you are missin' out!!!  Cannot begin to say how grateful I am!!! Sorry, the spot of "Biggest Fan" has been taken, but feel free to fill in the ranks!! ;-)  xoxoxoxoxo to my Sweet Tiffany!! Oh, yeah...almost forgot! She IS for hire!!  Leave me a comment, and if you don't know her, I'll be ever so glad to put you in touch.

Last week, I had just contacted a company that specializes in current business obsession, and when I mentioned some of what I was hoping to accomplish, Tiffany said, "Let me see what I can do for you first."  I gotta tell ya, I'm one blessed girl! (side note: one of my WWF buddies thought maybe I should call myself "SewWoman" because of my age....a PR student, no less...punk kid)  Anyway, back to Tiffany! :))
She has also challenged me to get my sewing room in order, and it's coming along. The agreed to date for show and tell is Sept. 1, but if the IRS grants extensions....I'm wondering if I can get one?  Hmmmm...???  Honestly, progress has been made, and I just contacted my personal decorator today(you know who you are ;)  ), because I'd love to show it "cute" not just "clean", although "clean" is a HUGE improvement!!! 

I hate to post without including a picture, can we let my new profile pic count?  Many thanks, Buddy ;) xo

Monday, August 22, 2011

Cake on the Brain

So it's 2:50 in the morning, and I can't sleep. Archer woke me when the dog irritated him, and that's been well over two hours... Yes, I could be reading, and probably will after this, but for now, I can't help but think about cake... Go figure.

Growing up, I really wasn't into sweets. I was a meat, veggies and bread kinda girl. My sweet Grandpa always made the cousins jealous, because I got soda with meals at our grandparents, simply because I never ate dessert. BUT, let me tell ya, I could clean up a bowl of green beans in nothin' flat! Haha..

My grandparents lived just down the road, could've walked to their house, but always rode my bike~ let's say...3 miles? Close enough. ;) And family reunions were VERY important to my grandparents. Could not count my "cousins" if I tried! I was fortunate to ride home from said family reunions with my sweet grands, and one year, sitting next to me in the backseat, were the remains of Grandma's carrot cake. I was hungry, and must have thought it looked appealing. One bite, two bites...I was hooked. Cream cheese frosting was just sweet enough, but not too sweet...divine. Pretty sure there wasn't much left once we got home.

Still, I wasn't a fan of that many sweets(oh, how I wish that were still true today, although, still a little picky). My mom did not bake, but she could make a mean Rice Crispy Treat, though! Lol.

A few years later, I was intrigued by another cake, this one, like the first, sported a topcoat of cream cheese frosting, but had nuts and guessed it Italian Creme Cake! With raspberry preserves between the layers...have mercy!!! I started making this cake when I kinda hit my baking stride in my mid twenties. It was a hit and my mom loved it, and I loved to watch her eat it. The look of bliss on her face was priceless!! Kinda like last night, when I made Monte Cristos for the first time, and TallGuy actually licked his plate!! Lol. No joke!

My most recent love in the world of cake has been the Red Velvet. Yumo!! Only since LittleGuy has come have I indulged in this pleasure...funny thing is, the best one I've found? It comes from Wal-Mart! Lol

Hungry yet??

I guess, in a perfect world, the "perfect cake" would have three layers, because no one should ever have to choose just one. ;-)

Ok, 3:18 now. Just two more hours until Paul's bakery opens. Anybody wanna meet me there? Haha.. You know I'd be more than happy to share. :)

Hope your day is the BEST!! xoxo

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's Finish What We Started

Yep, it's been a week...let's finish up and move on. ;)

Days 3, 4 & 5

Can I just say, and it's my blog, so I can ;), VBS was incredible this year!! We had the best, Best, BEST group if kiddos....EVER! :) I put in for 3rd Grade B for 2012. Yes, they were that special. How about a few more pics....

Where we met every morning.

Having fun at music time!

Mrs.Charlene. Mr.Matt may be at the helm, but she makes sure the sails are in place and ready to go!!! We love you Mrs.C! (FYI~ absolutely thrilled to call this lady Friend, she is a treasure! Just thought I'd let you know)

Sweet Chloe. A sweetheart for sure and the voice of an angel. This girl has a set of pipes, can't wait to watch her grow up!

Miss Madison. Precious with a willing spirit, my goto girl! This sweetie can sing and if your blessed, you might get to hear her play the piano!!! Big things in store for this young one!

Hahaha!! This is not even from our, highjacked it off FaceBook. ;) But I have loved this guy for....oh my goodness...about 25 years?!?! Love his sense of're still makin' me smile Ern.

Yep, yep. We're calling this done, we're calling this good. That is....until next year.

Later! xx

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