Monday, August 22, 2011

Cake on the Brain

So it's 2:50 in the morning, and I can't sleep. Archer woke me when the dog irritated him, and that's been well over two hours... Yes, I could be reading, and probably will after this, but for now, I can't help but think about cake... Go figure.

Growing up, I really wasn't into sweets. I was a meat, veggies and bread kinda girl. My sweet Grandpa always made the cousins jealous, because I got soda with meals at our grandparents, simply because I never ate dessert. BUT, let me tell ya, I could clean up a bowl of green beans in nothin' flat! Haha..

My grandparents lived just down the road, could've walked to their house, but always rode my bike~ let's say...3 miles? Close enough. ;) And family reunions were VERY important to my grandparents. Could not count my "cousins" if I tried! I was fortunate to ride home from said family reunions with my sweet grands, and one year, sitting next to me in the backseat, were the remains of Grandma's carrot cake. I was hungry, and must have thought it looked appealing. One bite, two bites...I was hooked. Cream cheese frosting was just sweet enough, but not too sweet...divine. Pretty sure there wasn't much left once we got home.

Still, I wasn't a fan of that many sweets(oh, how I wish that were still true today, although, still a little picky). My mom did not bake, but she could make a mean Rice Crispy Treat, though! Lol.

A few years later, I was intrigued by another cake, this one, like the first, sported a topcoat of cream cheese frosting, but had nuts and guessed it Italian Creme Cake! With raspberry preserves between the layers...have mercy!!! I started making this cake when I kinda hit my baking stride in my mid twenties. It was a hit and my mom loved it, and I loved to watch her eat it. The look of bliss on her face was priceless!! Kinda like last night, when I made Monte Cristos for the first time, and TallGuy actually licked his plate!! Lol. No joke!

My most recent love in the world of cake has been the Red Velvet. Yumo!! Only since LittleGuy has come have I indulged in this pleasure...funny thing is, the best one I've found? It comes from Wal-Mart! Lol

Hungry yet??

I guess, in a perfect world, the "perfect cake" would have three layers, because no one should ever have to choose just one. ;-)

Ok, 3:18 now. Just two more hours until Paul's bakery opens. Anybody wanna meet me there? Haha.. You know I'd be more than happy to share. :)

Hope your day is the BEST!! xoxo

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