Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Ok, when I was thinking, "What's a cute title for a post on this Monday afternoon?", and those who know me well, know my thoughts are complete with a running soundtrack in my mind.... "Just Another Manic Monday" popped into my brain.  BUT then, I thought, really? Maybe I should look up the true definition, just to be sure... And, drum roll, please....definition 2. Frenetically busy; frantic: "the pace is manic as we near our deadline".  Yep! I'd say it fits. ;)

 Just as you think things are slowing down, they rev back up.  I'm thinking my new word is "Zoom".  Remember that PBS show from the '80's...."I"m gonna zooma, zooma, zoom. I'm gonna zooma, zooma, zooma, zoom".   I loved that show! Haha... Yes, I was raised in the country, we had 5, count them FIVE channels.  Lol
Here's what's hot in the workroom tonight and for the rest of the week! Yep, I'm a busy girl!  Busy and Blessed!!

These can be found at Creative Whit on Old Greenwood Road, next door to FCA, and that new day spa, can't remember their name at the moment, but I've heard they are trade friendly!!!! You KNOW what I am thinking!!!

Later! xoxo

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