Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's Finish What We Started

Yep, it's been a week...let's finish up and move on. ;)

Days 3, 4 & 5

Can I just say, and it's my blog, so I can ;), VBS was incredible this year!! We had the best, Best, BEST group if kiddos....EVER! :) I put in for 3rd Grade B for 2012. Yes, they were that special. How about a few more pics....

Where we met every morning.

Having fun at music time!

Mrs.Charlene. Mr.Matt may be at the helm, but she makes sure the sails are in place and ready to go!!! We love you Mrs.C! (FYI~ absolutely thrilled to call this lady Friend, she is a treasure! Just thought I'd let you know)

Sweet Chloe. A sweetheart for sure and the voice of an angel. This girl has a set of pipes, can't wait to watch her grow up!

Miss Madison. Precious with a willing spirit, my goto girl! This sweetie can sing and if your blessed, you might get to hear her play the piano!!! Big things in store for this young one!

Hahaha!! This is not even from our, highjacked it off FaceBook. ;) But I have loved this guy for....oh my goodness...about 25 years?!?! Love his sense of're still makin' me smile Ern.

Yep, yep. We're calling this done, we're calling this good. That is....until next year.

Later! xx

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