Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Weekend.....

How do you spell fun when your at 40 or pushing it??  How about getting together with 19 friends for the weekend!?!  Ok, the who, what, when, where and why....
  The who.  Well, as I said 19 friends, several smaller circles within a larger... All female, of course, some of us have know eachother for almost 17 years...17? Yeah, that long...we've gotten engaged, married, birthed babies, sang songs, cried tears, buried parents, and the hardest...buried precious children.  Many joys and sorrows make for strong bonds. I'd love to show you a picture of these dear women, BUT it's a weekend of no makeup, sloppy clothes and "not so fixed hair."  They sadly declined to have their photo taken and POSTED! Bahahahaha.....

  The what.  An excuse to get together, men go fishing, hunting, play sports, compete...women create. ;)  It started as a scrapbook weekend, you say, "j, you don't scrapbook!" And, you, would be correct.  It's evolved into a do whatever you want weekend.  I brought four projects....
BrownBag Quilt, Farmer's Wife Sampler, Cathedral Window's, and fabric for bedskirts for a bedroom redo.

The GOOD NEWS??? I finished the Brown Bag quilt!!!!!!!
Got it basted, quilted and bound!!  What am I gonna do with it now?  I really don't know.  Thinking it may need to find a new home....

Felt great about getting BBQ finished, and did not feel like starting another big project, sooooo.... since I'm to a point that I "know" why people keep reading glasses EVERYWHERE, and I'm still getting used to needing them...I decided it was time to stock up.  the thing is, you gotta keep them solution..make my own cases..  Wanna see?
Maybe I can show some of the other projects later, got some pics, but I'm having serious issues with uploading pics right now... :P such a pain in the rear! (one hour later) Got a few pics to ya go...

Gaye's mixer, thank you, Mr. Cricut!  CUTE!!!
 Three wreaths.  I could not count the WREATHS that were made this weekend!  These three made of balloons, acorns and paper.

 These were very cute.  Felt circles folded and attached to wreath forms.  Hehehe...for all you quilters out there, here's a "funny."  ;)  These girls were cutting these circles of felt with PAPER sissors...yeah, I'm laughing...sorry, friends. ;)  (you should hear how they talk about how "mean" I am...just because I'm honest!  Can you imagine?!?!? hehehehe...I am ;)    ).  They were amazed when they used my spring loaded Fiskars, and Ginghers!  Still giggling...

The when.  Twice a year, once usually later in spring, this time earlier, and once in the fall.  Something to look forward to!!

The where.  Ususally the gathering takes place at a retreat center The Oaks, but this time we met in the home of one of our own.  Many thanks, G!!  It was great!  We did throw a breaker, and G's hubster had to come home to the rescue...hehehehe....his words when he saw us all..."wow, I've got my own sweatshop!"  Only, we all do speak English. ;))   AND, just to be clear, we "split" up the food, not "spit" up the food.  Wanna see?

The Carnage that is the kitchen...

And the MOST important...Coffee station...

Now the biggie...The why.   Seriously? Is that a question in any one's mind? Collectively we have, and I'm just doing my best here, please do not hold me to this, are you sitting down...?  I'll give you just a minute to brace yourself...47 children.  Now ask me "why" again. ;))  And we love each one!  BUT sometimes momma needs a break!  So, friends, food, time, coffee...lots of coffee(and for some diet coke), good music, p.j.'s(all day if you want), and, of course, WWF.  ;)

Love to you all!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stash Report.....week 2

Where has this week gone?  I'll tell you where!  Well......on second thought, this blog is rated G... :-/ Lol!

Ok, let's try again.  What has been accomplished this week....that's better. ;)  We started back to school...Joy of Joys!!! Hehehe...  Monday and Tuesday afternoons were spent with a person on my list of favs! My sweet Auntie, she is from Florida, yes, just like my Honey.  My Daddy's oldest sister, and the person in the world who is most like my Grandma...Love.  We laughed, told stories and cried...all good. :)

Wednesday choir practice started back.  Boy, could I tell we had had a few weeks off!!  Pipes were a little rough.

Thursday morning went and had my toes done with Glory and J's girl.  Hehehe I do have pics of that!  Wanna see?
My wonderful next door(read across the field) neighbor, Glory... She is just as feisty as she is sweet...hope to grow up to be just like her!
 And....guess what I saved this pic under?  Hobbit feet....because that's what those spacers make your feet look like.  The color?  I did not choose it...I'm more of a pink kinda girl, Glory made me!  Remember, she's the feisty one. ;)
Oh, my goodness!!!! Did I just show you my naked feet?  I MUST be desperate for material!!!!

Thursday night we had three basketball games....

Friday was a goodbye to a Dear Man, Dr. Calvin Bradford.  You will be missed, your boys did a great job! 

Saturday morning I met with a new client, a new interior decorator, Julie of Decor Flare.  It was a great meeting and I got to say the words, "You better just order a whole bolt."  Woooooooohoooooooo!!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW GOOD THAT FELT?!?!?!?  Then I was on my way to 7, yes, I said SEVEN, hours of basketball.....the good news? We won!!  The bad sewing.  Although I did get some monogramming done.  Does that count?

So, after ALL my stash report....Let's just keep it simple...

Nothing In...Nothing out!
(but quite a bit has been ordered...hehehe)

Until next week....oh, it may be bad...  :-/

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lists...Do I have to?

Well, from the title, you can see that my enthusiasm is waning as my afternoon coffee wears off.  Lists, with the new year comes lists.... And, I guess it's a good thing, because if you don't have a goal, you've got nothing to shoot for.  Believe me, in this household, basketball and archery analogies run rampant; I'll spare you. ;)  For now I have three concerning sewing goals for the year: UFO's (defined as anything started before January 1, 2011, and, of course, not finished), projects I'd like to start and finish ;)(it's ok, you can giggle or laugh here, if you want...I am), and goals for my business.

  1. John's quilt - my oldest UFO, please do not ask...
  2. Stashbuster quilt
  3. BrownBag quilt
  4. Green quilt
  5. Ugly Fabric quilt
  6. Mia's quilt
  7. Patriotic quilt
  8. Crazy quilt
  9. Calendar quilt
  10. 1/2 Square Triangles quilt
  11. Cathedral Windows
Projects Wish List
  1. Lone Star quilt
  2. Kitchen quilt
  3. Mariner's Compass
  4. Season's Panels
  5. Farmers Wife Sampler

Well, I'm not sure where to even start.  Will say that I'm in the middle of setting up an Etsy shop.  Trying to decide if I should change my name(the business name, Lol :-/).  Honestly, I'm at a crossroads, and at a loss...
Will be adding a whole new line of items, hopefully by the end of the week. :) Very excited about that!  I guess you'll know the shop is open when you see it in the sidebar. ;) 

I know this post kind of stinks, doesn't it?  I'm going to leave it up tho, because it will make my other posts look sooooooooooo much better! Lol!

We need at least one picture, don't about my Avatar for Etsy?  Wanna see?
And for a funny one... How about the Avatar my sweet Sister in Love made for me...hehehe get ready to laugh...

At the beach, complete with books and drink! ;)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stash Report (here we goooo.......)

New years resolution number 102 - use up some of this fabric!  ;)

Who of us doesn't say this....EVERY YEAR!! Hehehe....

Last year I joined in mid-year, and in my perfectionism was conflicted.  The conflict?  Well, I use my stash for more that quilting, and, on a good even brings me a little $$. :)   I think I'm past that though.  Quilters are some of the nicest people I know, and even if my purposes are a little different than yours...I'm praying you will just take me as I am.

This is some of my stash....
I've got the flatfolds...
And sometimes I get busy(did I say "sometimes" Lol!) and things get messy....and uhmmmmm stay that way...hence, have you EVER seen a full picture of my sewing room.  Nope, and you probably won't. ;)

And there are containers...that look like this after a mad search.  When I've been whispering under my breath, saying, "It's in here, I know it's here, where can it be...." Sound familiar?

And then  there are the bolts...yes, bolts.  Some of them are near full.  Oh, my.  Well...I got a "deal."  How could I resist?

There's more, but I'll spare you.  Yes, I know you're grateful. Lol..... 

On to the Stash Report.....

Used this Week: 0
Used YTD: 0
Added this Week: 0
Added YTD: 0
Net used 2011: 0

Can't get any closer to the starting line than that!  Let's Goooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

See you next week!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, EVERYBODY!!!!  Oh, yeah, new year, new start, clean slate.... Well, a girl can wish, can't she?  The month of December has been crazy if it isn't always and for everyone...I had to cut my losses, and the blog fell, as Dave Ramsey would say, "below the line." ;)  BUT...Watch Out!!! I'm back. Hehehe... 

In December we played basketball, well, you know "I" didn't play, but I did attend the games. :) We took a little trip to Branson with the fam, including my sweet Daddy, Brother, Sister in Love, and you know....the Little Cuddle Bug....

Nicey...the Divine Miss Em

Then it was home to finish up rehearsals and put on a Christmas show....Look, Sweet Memory...

I'm home..... sweet it was and is!

A great time was had by all!!!

Christmas was wonderful filled with family and smiles....

Sweet Sister in Love
 And through it all...I was playing Words...Yes, don't say it, I KNOW I'm obsessed!  K will say, "no wonder I don't hear from you've got a whole other group of friends."  And...she would be right!  When there's a ballgame on, I'm too tired to concentrate at the sewing machine, riding in the car, and I'm bored...and none of the "regulars" are on... I'll start random games.  The first time I did this and hit pay dirt was last spring/early summer...that's when I picked up Sewcute, Mr. Typo's(hehehe don't worry, he doesn't know about this blog, or anything past my first name, so it won't hurt his feelings), Julia, The TX Rider, and The Business Man...still playing with all of these. ;)  In August, a No New Opponents rule was put in place, because of a certain Mr.NoName!!  Got to be careful... What a jerk!  Only recently have I started random games again.  And one Tuesday evening in December...I hit the jackpot again!!  With this load I got Ms.AZ, Jess, and The Poet...a couple more but these are the three that I've gotten to "know".  So, this morning The Poet asks me to finish the sentence, "The new year..."  I respond with some dribble about it being my last year of my thirties, the kiddos, you know, nothing earth shattering.  Then I informed him that turn about is fair play.  His response came off the cuff, and I'd like to share it with you...

"The new year rang in exactly on time - the only given it is allowed.  For some, it will be their first, for others their last.  For most, the new year is the balance of mind and heart.  The mind concerned of what can be; the heart with what should be. The mind leads the way - analytically plotting where our physical body should tread.  Concerned as it should be with singular survival.  The heart, bless it, is concerned with what is best for all. I only hope that I find the balance between my mind and heart, physical existence and spiritual empathy.  It is
my goal; my quest."
The Poet

Happy New Year!!
soooo looking forward to spending it with you, All my Bloggy Friends!!