Monday, October 25, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Ok, so I haven't been posting much about my quilting, that doesn't mean I haven't been working on it.  ;)
My little business had eaten so much of my sewing time in the last two years, this summer I started MAKING time to quilt again.  That has included collecting all my UFO's, and, yes, I do plan on getting them on their own page......eventually. Lol :-D

Since I've been working on my Brown Bag Quilt, and it used to be called the Ugly Quilt, I decided to show you another one.  Yes, bless my heart(read *you are an idiot* bahahaha), I have TWO.   Remember the good ole days, when you could watch Alex Anderson twice a day if you wanted?  Well, one show had a segment called What to do with Ugly Fabric.  Being the scrappy kinda girl I am, I thought, "That's for me."
So I set to work....four years ago.  How do I know, because a very dear friend was expecting her third baby, and I thought it would make a very cute quilt for a little boy.  This sweet child will be four in February. :-/ 

So here is what I have done....
Thirty 4.5 inch blocks, finished this quilt would be 20x24, without borders.  Wondering where to go from here.  Any ideas?  All suggestions welcome. :)

Happy Monday! <3 ;)


Charlene S said...

If the blocks aren't sewn together how about putting blue cloud sashing to make it bigger. Those blocks look alot like birds. So the blue could be the sky they are flying around in.

fancystitching said...

I like Charlene's idea! The other thought... set on point, they look like fish. set plain blue blocks in between (for water) and this would greatly increase the size of your quilt and be adorable for a little boy. HTH!


kwiltnkats said...

I took a workshop with Lyn Mann whose workshop was all about using up ugly fabric. I hadn't the finished the project until I put it in my 2010 UFO Challenge List. It's done and in my quilter's queue. I had a slightly different arrangement more of a zig zag. The arrangements are endless with these blocks that do come out surprisingly appealing.

Sewgreen said...

Can you put them together like a pinwheel?

Chris said...

I really like the way you have them laid out and agree a blue border would be perfect. It will frame the setting and make the design pop even more.