Tuesday, October 26, 2010

3 in the Morning....and WHAT am I doing up?

Good Gravy!  It's 3:18, to be exact, and what am I doing?  Laundry.  You know I keep getting these spam emails saying things like, "Adults living with ADD."  Seriously, who told them?  I had laundry in earlier, towels in the dryer, shirts in the wash.  When I went to get the towels... : P... still damp.  So round two, while letting them dry just a little longer, get the kiddos in bed, a little sewing time, sit down to watch a movie, take a little nap, wake and think...and smile, and say, "You know it's 2:30, I should maybe go to bed."  Start to get ready...half way there... Stop! Wait!  You have shirts in the wash.............. You have got to be kidding me.  So, I wait.  Cause I may looooooove to iron my stash, but I will do whatever it takes to keep from ironing those shirts! Hehehehe

Oh, and can I just say, cause I been wanting to express this for a while, and just had no place to do it, so right here and now in this run-on sentence would be the perfect place.  Using an iPhone has just about killed my typing capabilities!  While looking for a computer this summer I asked my brother, "Don't they have a computer that will fill in the blanks for you?"  He laughed and said sadly, no, there was not a computer that would do my typing for me.  I have an app on my phone that I just speak into....it was free. :-/   On the brighter side, I have had two, well..... one highly (*read probably the smartest person I know*) intelligent person and one moderately intelligent person(you can guess which one you are, cause I know you're both reading this. Lol! *it really is getting late, I'm crossing over to the silly side, and I do not want to go there*) call 'me'..., 'jan'...  "tech savvy!"    What a hoot!!!! 

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Mary Lou Casada said...

Two words....Hormone imbalance! LOL You are not the only Adult ADD person out there. And sadly, no matter what time I go to bed, I wake up around 6 am WITHOUT an alarm. What kinda cruel joke is that!!! :-D I blame my thyroid or perimenopause or whatever other endocrine possibilities...It couldn't be all the caffeine, carbs and "just-one-more-block-sewing", could it?!?! :-D You GO, girl!!
Mary Lou (whose last post on her own blog was at 1:49 am)