Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just Giving This a Try

So I was reading @Killerella, my sweet twitter friends, blog, and saw that she posted from her phone! Do you KNOW how many times I'd thought, "If only...." Woot! Thank you, Dee!(I'll try and figure out the link thing later)

While we're here I'll show you what I was working on yesterday. :)

Yeah, note to self "rotate pics before posting here," give me a bit we'll get this figured out. While the front is ok, the back is my fav! Wanna see?

Love a neat back!

Later! xox

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone! Woot! From my phone, people!! LOVE! ;))


Sewgreen said...

oh pretty neat! I didn't know there was an app! I usually used Safari to post.

Wendy Wright said...

Wow, I will have to check that app out! :)