Monday, June 20, 2011

VBS Day One :-D

Ok. I'll be honest, I actually brought Xanax in my purse. I thought I could take half of one after I got to church, and then it would have worn off before I had to drive my four children home. ;) You see, large groups of little people are not usually compatible with my type A personality, but I do love Jesus, and want to pass that on to as many as possible, soooo....I put it in His hands and decided just to trust Him(and not what's in my purse). Guess what? (faith-building moment here) I've been blessed with 20 sweet second graders! Seriously have never seen better behaved children in my life!

Here they are in music time.

Also have the BEST partners working with me.... My two oldest, TallGuy and BonnieLove

And, of course, the ever lovely K(@CherryBlossomkb)

Until tomorrow....
Later! xox

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