Friday, December 3, 2010

What's a Girl to Do?

Okay, I've got an event coming up. Needed something to wear. UUhhhgggg....that means shopping. Unless it's fabric, I want no part of it!! Sights like this...

and this....
Kind of make my head spin, and my stomach queasy.  BUT!  I must find something to wear. :(  AND don't even let me think I might have to try on something in a store!  Hate it with a passion.  I know, definitely not typical.  So called up my Kansas...wanna see her...hehehe...she's gonna kill me...

Thanks to Bobby D for the photo!

And we set up a time to "get er done."  When we met that morning, she told me what she thought of my explanation of wanting to go early in the day and "get it over with." How she had thought to herself..."this is jan..."   Lol!  

We met in the parking lot at 9:15, it was cold, and she laughed when she saw I had worn my flip flops.  I told her I had worn flips, low rise jeans and a shirt that would slip over my head, for easy access...  I knew she would have me trying on more than I even wanted to think about. :p 

Here she is arranging things in order for me to try on....a friend, indeed
The dress in, can you say, "Austin Powers"

Obviously, there was something I liked, because I ended up with TWO pictures of it!  Yeah, if you're looking to buy a jacket, make it leather, if you can. ;))

Do you see this RACK of clothes?!?  I tried on the WHOLE thing!  My mother would never believe it!
Did love the red ruffles, by the way... ;)  Might have to go back and get that AND the leather! :-D
Look at these two!  Where does she think I'm going???  And, yes, I tried them on...yeah, I'm laughing, even now. hehehehe

And the winner is....
Grey skirt, black velvet jacket, and that blouse...I don't even know what to call it, BUT I do know that I don't have to worry about jewelry!  *bonus*

Whew....after all that...we headed to Panara's for hot chocolate(K), coffee(me) and scones...  AND can I just say.... I was home in time to feed my kids lunch!

Thanks, K! oxoxoxo


Mary Lou Casada said...

Crack me up, Jan!! LOL I'm exactly the same way about clothes! (My daughter has threatened multiple times to put me on "What Not to Wear"!!) I could be FABRIC shopping, heeeelllloo!?!?! I'm thinking leather and red ruffles TOGETHER! :-D I love what you ended up with, though. Very classy and elegant with a touch of pizzazz. And no jewelry required! Love it!! :-D
Mary Lou

Vivian said...

Sounds like you had a good shopping day. Love the outfit you picked out. I like to look at all of the new clothes that are out. Do NOT like to pay for them and do NOT enjoy trying on. Love Panara, especially their salads.

Michelle said...

I like shopping when I have a purpose or feel like I am "sneaking" a new outfit in the house. But am with you about the trying it on and getting it over with.