Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What's Up, SewGirl?

Ok, wake up, Jan.  It's been over a week!  A lot has been going on, and I'll catch you up a little at the time.
First, school has been in full swing for over a week now, with one vacation day ;).  Little Guy has finally given in to the fact that he MUST "do" school now.  When we went to by supplies he told Jewel, "Don't buy me any school supplies!"  The other three basically picked up where we left off in May.

I've completed three more blocks in my stash buster quilt(you'll see them in a minute).  When I find time to work on it, it goes surprisingly well, and comes together quicker than I thought!  Even got to use a block in a lesson to demonstrate one square inch.  Who says quilting is just for me?  I quilt so I can have examples to enrich my children's education...yeah, I know, that's reaching a bit far, but you can't blame a girl for trying. ;)

So today, while the rain poured and the children read I decided to tackle a project I had been putting off.  You see, I've always wanted a design wall, but never really had a place for one.  So yesterday I had an idea, okay, everyday I have many ideas, this one just happens to be doable. :))  I asked sweet Archer if he had a spare board out in the shop and could I borrow his staple gun.  Soon after I was presented with a six foot board, cleaned and sanded.  I already had bought a bolt, yes, a bolt, of flannel some time back, that I was going to put on the back of a quilt, obviously never made it.  So here's what I had:

There is no real wall space in my sewing room.  It's an upstairs bonus room that I am so grateful for, but as so often happens half of the room is under a sloped ceiling.  What I do have is this portable closet that I use to keep extra t-shirts, sweatshirts and the petite skirt from my wedding dress.

My sewing table sits just in front of it so it's hard to get a good picture.  Can you tell where I'm going with this? ;)  I measured the height and it's about 80 inches high and just under 60 inches wide.  Since, my flannel was just over 40inches wide, I decided it would be easier to cut the length of fabric for the width that I needed, and sew the selvages together.  Don't ask me why, in the moment it just seemed like the best way.

Just fixing to attach the flannel to the board when two of my most willing helpers decided I must be making a play mat, instead of a design wall.  Lol 

After lots and lots of staples :)I rolled it up...

And headed upstairs...where I unrolled it about half way and sat the board across the top of the closet.  I know, it looks huge, and true, I could have ironed it, but I'm thinking those wrinkles will fall out...eventually.

So now I have my own, and may I add, portable, design wall!
I can audition blocks without laying them out on the bed, or on the floor downstairs, and running(okay, walking) upstairs to look down.  Here are the five completed blocks for my stash buster quilt.
We all know that almost everything looks better set on point...
The bonus is that I did not spend a dime(at least not today)!

I know the pictures aren't great, I"m a QUILTER, not a photographer. LOL

Many thanks and blessings to SewCute!!  My friend and Words Buddy!


Sewgreen said...

I love your design wall!! I can't wait to see everything that is put up on it!

Mary Lou Casada said...

I have to get my daughter or son to help with pictures...usually 1 out of 10 is in focus enough to use, so I think yours are great! LOL I love no-cost design walls; mine is a white flannel sheet I stole, I mean, repurposed from my mom's closet! :) It really helps to be able to step back and see stuff! Can't wait to see what you slap up there! :)
Mary Lou

Sarah or Semmy said...

My sewing room has a situation with the slanting roof also. I also have a cabinet closet on the one free wall. Now just to go get the flannel and build it. Your solution is perfect for me also. Thank you, Thank you for solving my long time problem. Sarah

Mary Lou Casada said...

After I posted above, I was given a Sunshine Award for my blog! (Who knew!? :-D) It's a kinda "networking" recognition that I'm passing along to you! There more information here on my site:
Mary Lou