Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thanks For Sharing

One of the reasons I enjoy blogs is all the great ideas that people share.  Especially in areas where I need help!  A couple of weeks ago Rea Ann, over at Stash Manicure, posted a really great tip on organizing.  Click here to see ;)
So, wanting to implement this idea as soon as possible, I set to work looking for containers as they came through the door(if sweet Archer brought home the groceries) or off the shelf(if I went to the store myself).  I was so proud of my first find!
Only problem I ran into was that my hubby and Tall Guy didn't read Rae Ann's post, and I had to rescue this baby from the trash, not once, but TWICE!  As soon as I saw it I knew exactly what was going to be put in here.  Very rarely do I buy fabric for an entire quilt all at once, but in May of last year, I did.  How do I know the date?  Well, it was on the receipt, of course, that was still in the bag with the fabric!  I have been wanting to make an Ocean Waves quilt, and when I found this line from Moda last year, I knew I had to have it. :)

It fit perfectly into my green container.  Yes, I washed(scrubbed) it twice.
 I included the receipt to remind myself that, even though the container might have been free, the fabric was not.

And I even got a nifty little handle! ;)

I've since been to the store, and will never buy spinach in a bag again! 

I'm the new kid on the block, all of you know much more than me, BUT, on the off chance you've never visited Stash Manicure, click on the button up at the top left column of this blog.  You'll be glad you did, I know I am!!

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Little Lady Patchwork said...

That is a great storage idea! And it is good for the environment!

Thanks for sharing,