Saturday, July 24, 2010

FNSI, Home Improvement

Well, my first Friday Night Sew In was a sew not. :( I did get my sweet Bonnie Love home tho, so I'm all smiles about that!
Let's start from the beginning. Friday, my sweet hubby, Archer, decided we needed to do some home improvement projects. So, he comes home with new flooring for the upstairs bathroom and hallway, the only two spaces that have yet to be replaced. This means I have to clear the upstairs hallway...gag! You see, there's about an eight foot space at the end of the hall that leads to no where, and in this space I have a bookshelf where we keep home school curriculum that is not currently being used. I also have put some things there that came to me when my dad sold his house, two boxes to be exact of things Sweet Memory had kept, and I just had not had the heart to go through yet. Okay, moving on with the story. So when I go to move the first box, made of cardboard, who knows how old, it breaks, and things go everywhere. So, instead of dumping them into another box, I decide now is as good a time as any to go ahead and dive in. It was easier than I thought it would be, and I condensed it down by at least 75%! Go me! Praise the Lord, the other box was a Rubbermaid tub!lol
After that, it was time to fix supper and head out to get my Bonnie Love from camp! She had a great time, but I actually think she was ready to come home(maybe just a momma's wishful thinkin'). She had lots to tell and was so tired she could hardly keep her eyes open.
This morning I got up and put some crazy quilt blocks together, so that top's almost finished and I'll post a pic as soon as it is!, Then Archer called a family meeting around the table to discuss the plan for the day, after which everybody got to work, and Little Guy and I went to get what we needed from Lowe's. Archer finished the upstairs floor, kids and I painted the kitchen till we ran out of paint(got some more tonight), and painted the front door, inside and out. The color of the kitchen is Roasted Chestnut, and the front door is black. When we went to Lowe's this morning, I told the girl in the paint department I needed black paint for a door. She asked if I wanted interior or exterior, I said that it was our front door, so half of it is outside. Then she asked what color black I wanted...seriously? I told her, "Black. Can't I just buy black paint?" The answer was yes. I am exhausted and going to bed after a very tiring but productive day. Oh, but our house is a WRECK! When I went upstairs to check progress, I looked down on the dining area and entry way...oh, my goodness! At least the upstairs toilet is back upstairs and not on the front porch, like it was last night! I'm sure our neighbors just love us...

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Angelia Williams said...

Renovating! What fun! ~I am sure your neighbors love ya'll very much! :)