Saturday, July 17, 2010

The End of the Beginning

Well, last night my Little Guy played his last game of his first tball season. Needless to say, he
LOVED it! After watching Tall Guy and Bonnie Love play basketball, he was thrilled to be on his own team. Now, for those of you that have never seen a Jr. Pee Wee tball have missed the finest baseball around! I'm not knocking anybody, I'm just saying that there is no more free, clean fun than watching a few really good men coaching twelve five year old boys. Archer referred to as "herding cats." Lol! At times...that's exactly what it looked like.

Little Guy made new friends, gained new skills and learned what it meant to 'take one for the team'. There were tears, but many more smiles, and goodness knows how many thumbsups! ;))

The men that took on the challenge are to be commended. Their character was proven by their patience, when repeating themselves for the...let's see 12x10 is...120th time. Christ was reflected each time an encouraging word was spoken, a high five given and most of all when the words were spoken "good job, son." As a mom, I am grateful. Thank you.

We had a great season, fun for everyone, players, parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, and friends. In the picture above our boys are running towards a First Place trophy! First overall in their league! Great job guys!

Look at those smiles! Believe me, those cutie pies are as tough as nails. In the last game Little Guy got hit with the ball, and kept on runnin'. He's still talking about it, saying, "It's not fair to throw the ball at a boy to try and get him out. You shouldn't do that, it's not nice." Lol! He is convinced they were really trying to hit him. Too funny!

First Baptist EAGLES

With their First Place Trophy

They began well, and ended well. Finishing first in the season, and second in post season play! As for the title of this post, well, the 2010 season is done, 2011 is yet to come. Bring it on!

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 Cha said...

So sweet. What a blessing it is when godly men are coaches.